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Online patent services.
Affordable prices.
Innovative management platform.

Gnovelty change the way you protect your intellectual property. Say goodbye to the lengthy, costly, and confusing patent drafting process. Discover the future of patent services and learn why we're your top choice for affordable and high-quality protection.

The online path to your next Non- Provisional​ patent drafting:

Non- Provisional patent drafting
Price - $1,690.00  |   Time - 4-8 Weeks


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NDA signing



Patent attorney consultation







Patentability report approval 



Claims approval



Spec and drawings approval



Final draft approval


Next: Patentability search report

At Gnovelty, we believe in simplicity and transparency.

Our innovative platform allows you to start your journey with a few clicks.

Say goodbye to unnecessary meetings and embrace a transparent, efficient,

and cost-effective approach.

Free attorney advice


Online workflow


Unlimited modifications

How Gnovelty Works?

Why choose Gnovelty?

Discover why Gnovelty is the answer you've been searching for.

Usual patent offices
Novelty search report
Patent drafting
Quick and affordable patent drafting - Gnovelty
Other patent offices
Novelty search report
Patent drafting

Unmatched Value

With Gnovelty, you get the unique advantage of working directly with professional patent attorney who don't burden you with extra costs. We provide a transparent fixed price, for a complete package that covers everything you need.

Experience the most value for your money with Gnovelty's cost-effective services.

Total Control

Gnovelty Console allows you manage your project, track its status, communicate with your private attorney, and request any necessary changes.

Every phase requires your approval before we proceed. We trust your input; this is your project, and you're the boss.

Gnovelty, granting you the power to make critical decisions as your wish.

Can you put a patent on an app idea?
Patent & IP drafting online management system
How to turn an idea into a patent
Expert patent attorney best price big value

Professional Expertise 

The backbone of Gnovelty—our expert patent editors. Our carefully selected team brings years of successful service to countless clients. We believe in understanding the unique need and custom-building the perfect service. With us, professionalism and quality are our trademarks.

Our team of seasoned patent attorneys ensures your project

is handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise.


Gnovelty console

Personal portal tailored to your needs. Within this digital haven, you'll find the key to unlocking the full potential of your project.

Our advanced system is designed to make the process as streamlined as possible, while our experienced attorneys will guide you through every step of the way.

Provisional patent for startup

Milestone by Milestone

Your approval is paramount.

At each phase of your project, you'll be invited to give your green light before moving forward to the next milestone.

This level of involvement and oversight is designed to guarantee that your project evolves precisely as you envision.

Effortless Communication

Stay connected with your dedicated patent attorney  with ease.

Whether you need to upload or download files, seek advice, or request changes, our intuitive interface ensures a smooth and efficient collaboration.

Communication with your patent attorney

Manage Your Project

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your project's status, navigate seamlessly through its stages, and visualize the path ahead.

With the Gnovelty Console, you're always in control.

An illustration for obtaining full control over patent drafting

Your project draft should align perfectly with your vision. The Gnovelty Console empowers you to ensure that every detail is crafted to your specifications. If you desire changes at any point, don't hesitate to request them—your satisfaction is our priority.

Gnovelty vs. The Traditional Route: A Comparative Breakdown

Here's a side-by-side look at what you get when you choose Gnovelty compared to the traditional approach.
We're redefining the patenting experience, giving you more value, control, and savings.
Discover why innovators like you are making the smart choice with Gnovelty.

Traditional patent offices
Free consulting
16 Weeks
6 Weeks*
Workflow management system
Unlimited modifications
Fixed price - no additional fees
One price - many countries: USA, EU, UK, AU, AU, IL, IN, CA
Full client control
Professional attorneys
Full online process


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