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Can I patent an app idea?

Updated: Jun 13

Patent an app


In the digital age, app ideas are the new gold rush. But can you actually patent an idea for an application? This article delves into the complexities of patenting app ideas, providing clarity for both tech enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of patents.

Understanding Patent Eligibility

What Qualifies for a Patent?

A patent is a legal protection for an invention. However, not just any idea qualifies. To be patentable, your app idea must be:

  1. Novel🧠: Unique and not known to the public before your application.

  2. Non-obvious🔖: Not an obvious improvement of existing solutions.

  3. Useful📎: Must have a practical application and offer a solution to a problem.

Types of Patents for Apps

Two main types of patents can apply to apps:

  • Utility Patents: Cover new and useful processes or methods (e.g., a unique algorithm or technical aspect of the app).

  • Design Patents: Protect the unique visual elements of the app’s user interface.

Writing a Patent for an App Idea

The Importance of Detail

To successfully patent an app idea, detailing how the app works is crucial. This involves describing the user interface, functionalities, algorithms, and any unique features.

Case Study: WhatsApp's End-to-End Encryption

Consider WhatsApp’s patent on its end-to-end encryption feature. This patent doesn't just cover the idea of encryption but delves into the specific method and technology used to implement it in the app.

Patenting Process

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Conduct a Patent Search: Ensure your idea is unique.

2. Draft Your Patent Application: Describe your app’s functionalities in detail.

3. File Your Application: Submit your application to the patent office.

Challenges in Patenting Apps

- Rapid Technological Change: The fast-evolving nature of technology can make the patenting process for apps challenging.

- Abstract Ideas: Merely abstract ideas are not patentable. It’s essential to demonstrate practical application.

How Gnovelty Can Help

Gnovelty offers a comprehensive solution for patent drafting, including utility patents for app ideas. For just $1499, you can get a full patent draft suitable for your unique app concept.

Why Choose Gnovelty?

- Expertise in App Patents: Knowledgeable in the specific requirements for app-related patents.

- Affordable and Transparent Pricing: High-quality service at a fraction of the typical cost.

- User-Friendly Process: Simple, online process from the comfort of your home.


Patenting an app idea is indeed possible, but it requires detailing the unique technical or design aspects of the app. With Gnovelty, securing a patent for your innovative app idea is not just a possibility but an affordable and accessible reality.

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