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Complete Patent Drafting
(Utility Non Provisional / Provisional Patent)

Protect Your Invention With a Fully Drafted Patent at a Fixed Price*

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Patent attorneys

 with over

10 years

of expertise

*Non provisional Patent cost : 999$

*Provisional Patent cost : 689$

Gnovelty patent attorney

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Included with Your Patent Drafting Fee

Patentability Search


Unlimited modifications

Innovative management system



International Adjustment

Timeline: 3-7 Weeks**


Top 5 benefits of filing a non-provisional patent

1. Legal Protection
Secure exclusive rights to your invention.
2. Market Position
Enhance your competitive edge in the market
3. Investment Appeal
Attract potential investors with proven IP.
4. Revenue Potential
Monetize your invention through licensing or sale
5. Longevity
Protect your invention for up to 20 years.
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About Us

Gonvelty stands as a premier authority in non-provisional patent drafting with a proven track record of delivering superior results at competitive prices.
At Gnovelty, our mission is clear—to empower innovators by providing high quality, accessible and affordable intellectual property services. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to protect their creative ideas without the barriers of exorbitant costs and complex processes.

Quick, quality patents at affordable prices!

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Online Utility Patent
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Fixed Cost

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Patent attorneys

 with over

10 years

of expertise

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**Service Timelines:

The timelines provided on our site represent the drafting phase and are based on an uninterrupted process. Timelines may vary with additional client input or revisions.

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