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Demystifying Patent Costs: A Call for Fairness and Innovation

Updated: Feb 4

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Demystifying Patent Costs: A Call for Fairness and Innovation

Why patent drafting is so expensive?

In the intricate landscape of patent registration, the perplexing nature of costs has long remained a puzzling aspect for inventors. Traditional patent offices, adorned with plush offices, extensive facilities, and a host of "free" services, often present a grandeur that comes with a hefty price tag.

But why patent drafting is so expensive?

The Current Landscape: A Sea of Exaggerated Fees

Patent registration fees are notorious for being disproportionately high compared to other professional services. The question lingers: Why should safeguarding your inventive ideas come with a hefty price tag? Traditional patent offices, adorned with towering buildings and "nicely dressed" representatives, often charge astronomical amounts without clear transparency.

Outdated Processes: A Culprit in High Costs

One major contributor to the inflated costs is the outdated, time-consuming processes employed by many traditional patent offices. Endless paperwork, in-person appointments, and bureaucratic hurdles not only waste valuable time but also add unnecessary expenses. The cumbersome nature of these procedures discourages many inventors from pursuing patent protection.

Hidden Truths: Who's Behind Your Patent?

Interestingly, the facade of grand patent firms often conceals a surprising reality. Despite the high fees, many of these firms outsource their work to independent patent editors from other countries, paying them a fraction of what they charge clients. This revelation raises a crucial question: Why pay a premium when the actual work is being carried out by skilled editors who receive only a small share?

The Cost Conundrum: What Lies Beneath Traditional Patent Fees

Choosing a traditional patent office can feel like stepping into a world where fees are bundled with numerous elements that may not directly contribute

to the essence of patent protection. These include elaborate sales calls, often lasting for hours, which are packaged as "free consultations." The plush offices located in prime locations, adorned with high-end furniture, cleaning services, and refreshments, all become part of the bill. While some inventors may appreciate the luxurious setting, others may find these offerings superfluous and a source of unnecessary costs.

Trimming the Fat: What Inventors Really Need

The reality is that not every inventor requires or desires the full package of amenities offered by traditional patent offices. Many are eager to streamline the process, cutting out the excess and focusing solely on the essential elements of securing patent protection. This prompts the question: Is there a way to retain the core services of patent registration without shouldering the burden of unnecessary expenses?

Gnovelty: A Pragmatic Approach to Patent Registration

Enter Gnovelty, a disruptor in the patent industry that redefines the narrative by focusing on efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness.

How Gnovelty Stands Apart:

Transparent Pricing

At Gnovelty, we acknowledge that not every inventor needs an extravagant office setting or lengthy sales calls. Our pricing is straightforward and tailored to the essential elements of patent registration. With our non-provisional patent drafting service priced at $1200 and the provisional patent drafting service at $690, you pay for what truly matters.

Online Efficiency

Gnovelty embraces modernity by providing an online platform that simplifies the patent registration process. No unnecessary in-person visits, no elaborate office setups—just a streamlined and efficient approach to securing your patent.

Expertise without Frills

With Gnovelty, you're not paying for lavish offices or extravagant perks. Instead, your investment goes directly into accessing a team of expert patent editors who bring a wealth of experience to the table. No hidden costs, just professional guidance to bring your inventive ideas to fruition.

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